Drummond is a poker player, party player, mentor, and brains behind BBZ Poker, casino online MMC996 which he founded in 2012. Jordan is a ‘Bigbluffzinc’ Drummond. He coached and taught hundreds of students during his lifetime to help create some of the greatest poker winners.

Richard ‘GingePoker’ Sheils is a member of the GGPoker Squad and the oldest son of a four family, who left their careers to become professional poker players. In a 2015 Daily Mail post, Brandon and he asserted that strict adherence to a ‘mathematical formulation’ is essential to their performance.

Item Pulled

It sure wasn’t uranium that Sheils’ package was. None of them would have had radiation exposure ill or died. At worst, the customer could be wasting some money if Drummond’s instincts are accurate. Sheils is a common streamer so you’d expect the material to be amusing at least. But Drummond claimed he had a reputation for branding, in the end, so he was ready to eat the loss and go on, pay for his time to Sheils and give him rights to the information.

Poker Content Approaches

Sheils reported that on Patrick Leonard’s latest podcast ‘Pods by pads’ he had the shepherd’s crook for the first time. He said: “I don’t feel hard, I don’t feel hard at all… I almost like it’s a disguised blessing.” Sheils said he was concerned that his game was too exposed in the pack.

Leonard urged him about what parts of his videos Drummond may not have clicked on, and the dilemma seemed to be key in his approach. Drummond believes in solver-based learning but Sheils maintains that people don’t expect to see PioSolver while seeing a GingePoker film.

The Real Win-Rate Suspicious Of Sheils

In response, Drummond took his side to Instagram. He reported that “[Sheils] claimed a win rate of $1.4 M in live cash games of $5-7 bbs a 100 in 500zoom.” He said he no longer trusted the win rate that someone said he had on YouTube and he would be more sceptical of claims for unchecked cash games.

Then the gloves come off really when Drummond said he had been over the material and seen obvious strategic mistakes. He found the content ‘so weak we could not market it.’ He promised to pay $1000 an hour for some neutral top coach.

Ten Bluffing Strategies Playing Poker

Drummond and BBZ Poker did not want the package of Sheils to be part of their larger deal and eventually preferred to pay $5000 and to remit all their rights instead of being linked to them. Sheils obviously also thinks his material is fit for use and should either sell it himself now or make it a plus for anyone who registers with his GGPoker affiliate code, as he suggests on ‘Pods by Pads.’

Even Sheils’ package is insufficient (and I’m not recommending that), casino it doesn’t mean it doesn’t still have a demand. That doesn’t mean it won’t sell simply because a food isn’t right for you. Similarly, the customer now understands that a package of free-fat potato chips will leak